Who We Are

Richard W. Brown, Ph.D.
President and Owner

For the past ten years, Richard has led design teams at the University of Minnesota and, more recently, Walden University in the design and development of online programs and courses. During this period, he has led major projects incorporating technology (online and CD-based) into correspondence courses and assisted hundreds of faculty members adjust to teaching in the online environment. In addition, he and his teams have designed and developed a large variety of online courses, presentations, and self-instructional print materials.

Recent consulting activities have included work with Antarctic Support Associates, the United States Peace Corps, and University of St. Thomas. Most recently, he has served as a commissioner on the Presidential Web-Based Education Commission.

The Talent Pool

Drawing from a talented pool of individuals, ESDI creates teams to meet specific project needs. The pool of talent resides around the country and is accustomed to working at a distance (most reside in Minnesota). Each member of this talent pool has worked with Richard for several years and brings a unique set of experiences and skills to the team.